This Week: Ambar Navarro talks with Kit Kraft…

Earlier this year we posted Ambar Navarro’s Mini Pet Shop video, as it was made almost exclusively with materials from us here at Kit Kraft. She’s just released a new video called A Synthesizer For Christmas… and honestly, we are all so incredibly impressed. The video also features our very own teddy bears. :) Going through Ambar’s vimeo page, it seems she’s on a steep upward progression as an artist. We proudly present both her latest video release, as well as a brief interview we did with the artist herself below…

A Synthesizer For Christmas

Hyperbubble – A Synthesizer for Christmas from Ambar Navarro on Vimeo.

We asked Ambar a few questions…

Kitkraft: Ambar, your newest video, synthesizer for christmas is totally rad. Can you tell me about some of the work that went into making it?
Ambar:Hyperbubble had the song already written and with the lyrics being pretty literal, I knew I wanted to make a stop-motion film that included all the props they listed for example in the line, “I don’t want a teddy bear,” I could already picture a tiny toy bear being animated in stop-motion.

KitKraft: We know you are awesome at making miniatures and animating. Do you also have other creative outlets?
Ambar: Thank you! I enjoy making music when I have time. I used to play more in high school when I had a synthesizer (which I later sold) but am getting back into making music and playing the CalArt’s Serge Synthesizer. I do also like to make miniature sculptures (back to miniatures),and photography, drawing in my sketchbook, and studying fashion blogs.

Kitkraft: What does your workspace look like? Do you have lots of little things chaotically scattered about, or are are meticulously organized?
Ambar: My workspace is SUPER organized. I have a label maker and all my supplies stacked. I can’t work in a messy space. My desk is also pretty decorated and personalized. I have some vintage post-cards, photo booth pictures, souvenirs from Mexico, my miniatures, stop-motion puppets, and lots and lots of glitter.

Kitkraft: Are you working on anything right now?
Ambar: Right now i’m helping out on my friend Julian Petschek’s rap stop-motion film which will be out next year. He was in charge of my post-production on my Synthesizer film so I owe him! I’m currently making miniature props for him but after that i’m going to start working on my CalArts thesis which will be a narrative stop-motion film.

Kitkraft: What are your top 3 favorite things from Kit Kraft?
Ambar: TOP 3 Favorite things from Kit Kraft! MINIATURE CATS!, Vintage dollhouse furniture, armature wire!

Kitkraft: Was there a pivotal moment in your childhood that made you realize your creative potential?
Ambar: I don’t know if I had a pivotal point in my childhood but I did always like to draw and make sculptures as a child. I won 3rd place in an animation contest in the 2nd grade. That could have been a clue to becoming an animator later on!

We cant wait to see whats next from this rising young artist.